Day 1 – Making Time

We had a lot of ground to cover today so we left Roseville early. We recorded the odometer reading , packed up and took off into commute traffic.



It was good to get out of town and enjoy the sights and smells of agriculture along Hwy. 70. Just past Oroville we turned east and headed up the Feather River Canyon.



Fun, curvy roads but lots of slow pokes.  We then turned north on 89 toward Lake Almanor.  We had a nice view of Mt. Lassen along the way but that picture was blurry.  Sorry!  We headed east and north to Susanville for gas and a helmet cleaning. Then up the Antelope Grade where the deer and the antelope play but won’t hold still for pictures. 


We stopped in Alturas for lunch at Tom’s favorite burger joint.



Finally we were on 395 which we will follow for two days. Unfortunately, today’s stretch included long, straight roads punctuated by an occasional turn.

Where we were:
Where we’re going:

Yawn… 55 MPH speed limit.

The most interesting part of this road was the geology and the semi-dried up lake beds that were stirring up dust in the distance. This one beyond the hay field was called Goose Lake.

We arrived in Burns around 5:30. We traveled about 490 miles today. Thank God for cushioned seats and 5-Hour Energy. Tomorrow we head to Enterprise, OR. Only around 250 miles so we’ll have time to poke around the town of Joseph and enjoy a beer at Terminal Gravity. Until then!


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