Days Eight and Nine – Much Ado About Nothing

Well, here we are in Weaverville, California at the historic Weaverville Hotel.  We have a lovely picture of the place but unfortunately our device that downloads pictures has died.

On Friday we had a lovely day of walking through the town of Ashland. The temperature rose to over 105 degrees but we made our way to the Bowmer theatre and saw Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”   It was comfortable inside the theatre until their power went out which forced the emergency generator to run and all the lights to go on. The actors incorporated this development into the play with flawless humor. Thankfully this happened toward the end of the play. After the play, we went to Kobe Sushi which was delicious but certainly not worth the two hours we spent there. Very slow service. Then we went next door to Liquid Assets where we might as well own stock. We had a bottle of Spanish Tempranillo and began a scientific survey to determine if Subarus or Priuses are more prevalent in Ashland. The results are in with roughly ten Subarus to every three Priuses passing through town. Our work complete, we went to bed slightly inebriated.

This morning we got the hell out of Dodge (or Ashland) before it got hot.   We climbed Mt. Ashland on I-5 and soon enjoyed a beautiful view of Mt. Shasta (picture to follow).  We took Highway 3 at Yreka to Weaverville, stopping in Etna for an espresso and pastry. This makes us sound like a couple of yuppies but we were just in serious need of caffeine.  We passed multiple creeks that were merely rock beds and once we got to Trinity Lake, we could see how devastating the drought has been on this area (picture to follow).

We walked through the town of Weaverville once we unloaded all our gear and in an attempt to avoid the heat, we went to the Weaverville museum which was fantastic. We spent over an hour there and learned about Trinity County’s rich history.  We highly recommend a visit if you’re ever in this area. We came back to our room and took a two hour nap – much needed. 

We are remembering Mom fondly since this is her old stomping grounds and are going to toast to her when we go to dinner. Pizza and a PBR!  We’ll also toast to Cathy’s papa who treated her to an occasional sip of PBR.

Sorry for the lack of photos but we’ll update when we return home tomorrow.

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