Day Nine – The Long Way Home… A Day Late

Yes, we did make it home.  When we got home last evening, we were exhausted.  

For the most part, the ride was great. We left Klamath Falls early and opted for a breakfast bar rather than more powdered eggs. We decided to take the long way home… It seemed like a good idea when we left in 64 degrees.   We passed Klamath Lake and some peaceful farms. Nothing more tranquil than farms as the sun rises. 

We passed Tule Lake which was teaming with waterfowl. 

We took the route that goes through the Lava Bed National Monument. This is the result of an eruption 10,500 years ago.  It was an interesting ride and we were some of the only people on the road. 

We headed west through Fall River Mills and by the time we got to Burney, the heat was on and we were questioning our decision to take the long way home. This is our second to last picture because we were wearing our cooling vests (wet vests that you wear under your jacket). We stopped three times in three hours to re-wet the vests because it was so hot, they kept drying out. At one point while riding through Red Bluff, the bike’s thermometer read 113 degrees. Ugh. 

By the time we rolled into our driveway, we felt like we’d been through the high heat cycle of the dryer. We took this last picture, unloaded the bike and jumped in the pool. There would be no writing last night. 

So, we ended the 2016 Journey with 3,143.5 miles of beautiful country that we will definitely revisit. Thanks for following along!


4 thoughts on “Day Nine – The Long Way Home… A Day Late

  1. Welcome home…great photos!!


  2. Welcome home!


  3. Glad you had a safe trip


  4. Your round trip mileage reminds me almost 25 years ago when we took Maria for a trip to the UK, going from London all the up to Edinburgh and Glasgow, then to Cornwall, and back up to London. I drove about the same number of miles.

    By now, I am sure you have recovered from Day Nine’s travails and are enjoying this nice weekend.

    Happy birthday Cathy.


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