Day 3-Vernal UT to Jackson WY

It was a shorter day today.  We slept in until 7:30 am mountain time, had a nice breakfast and took off.   We climbed into the Ashley National Forest, another Aspen lined summit.


We crossed the Flaming Gorge Dam, a major tributary to the Colorado River. Below are a few pictures of the dam.



We followed the a river and saw people fly fishing.


Once we descended the mountain, we hit high winds and our red faces show the beating we took.


We went through beautiful farm country…and these ranchers know how to embrace the wind.

Just before we came into Jackson, we followed the Snake River.

Once in Jackson, we took a walk through the town square.  It is a mix between Breckenridge and Durango. Very cute.  (note:  Cathy speaking)

We found a wine shop which was very exciting after asking about a wine list in Vernal… “we have all kinds, white, red and pink!”. We are now sitting outside our beautiful room enjoying some “white.”


3 thoughts on “Day 3-Vernal UT to Jackson WY

  1. Mary Elizabeth Potts June 23, 2012 — 2:56 am

    What pictures?????

  2. Looks like your trip is getting interesting now. I got a laugh from the ‘note from Cathy’.
    FYI Your pictures on previous days have been interspersed with your comments, but not in today’s post.

    1. Reposted, have another look.

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