Day 10 – Homeward bound

Leaving town we took a few pictures of the Mendocino Hotel grounds.  There is a benefit to all that fog.image


This was one of our last views of the coastline before heading in along the Navarro River. image

Highway 128 is one of the great motorcycling roads in California. Not quite Avenue of the Giants but there are several miles of thick redwood stands along the river once you turn in from the coast.image

requisite barn shot…


Breakfast in Boonville kept us going all the way home.


Speaking of home, here’s our final shot. Averaging 345 miles per day is a definite recipe for monkeybutt.


Home safe and sound.  Thanks for joining us along this journey!


1 thought on “Day 10 – Homeward bound

  1. The has been a great chronicle of your journey, something you can look back to for a quick remembrance of your trip without going through all of the pictures, which I am sure you took. Welcome home. Nick


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