Back in the Saddle

Wedding Party IMG_9829

We had a busy 2014 and could not find time for our usual Monkeybutt journey.  Cathy started a new job, her daughter graduated from college, Tom’s daughter got married, and sadly, Tom’s mother passed. We found ourselves consumed with these events, as well as with planning our own wedding!  We had a beautiful wedding and then flew off to Kauai for a restful vacation.  In addition, Tom retired!  He’s been busy fixing our 40-year-old home and it’s looking great.

Now we’re ready to hit the road on two wheels again!  This year we’re heading to Glacier National Park and British Columbia.  On our way home we’ll stop in Mount St. Helens, WA, Ashland, OR to take in a play and we’ll stop in Weaverville to honor Mary, Tom’s mother.


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