Day Five – A Shower and a Close Shave

So, today was interesting. We had a hard time waking up (probably due to the bottle of wine from last night) but we still managed to get on the road by 7:15 am. We started to climb back into the beautiful British Columbia Rockies at a comfortable metric 100 kph. This was good since there was much wildlife alongside the road.  The luckiest of that wildlife was a young bear that crossed the road in front of a truck about 50 yards ahead of us. It wasn’t that close but he got a good scare.  We were able to pull across the road and snap a picture before he hightailed it into the woods.


Further down the road we saw the clouds begin to gather. We weren’t worried, since it was warm so we kept up the pace.



After breakfast, we tried an alternate route at the suggestion of the restaurant owner.  It took us along a scenic valley and lake until road work (blasting) presented us with a three hour delay. We turned around and were met with showers along our original route.  Not a problem as we road out from under the clouds and dried out quickly.


Following our original route, we made our way in more rain to Grand Forks, BC where we said goodbye to Canada and after a proper grilling by the US Border Control, we entered the good old USA.


We traveled along yet another large river for several miles. The surrounding forest soon began to thin.


We were back in high desert and remained there for what seemed an eternity. We followed the Columbia River which is an incredible deep blue, but that may only be due to the brown landscape that surrounds it.


We rolled into Chelan in an uncomfortable 91degrees. We hope it will cool down a bit tomorrow. Speaking of  tomorrow, we go to Mount St. Helens! 


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