Day Eight – It Does Exist!

After a hardy breakfast of powdered eggs, we hit the road.  Cathy had low expectations for the day – More high desert, wind and the fourth try to actually see Crater Lake.  To our surprise, the scenery was not bad.   We headed down 97 and then took the Cascade Lakes Highway at Bend.  A beautiful ride past Mt. Bachelor, several lakes, lava fields and lots of active people riding bikes, cross country skating and fly fishing. 

We started up the road to Crater Lake and passed the pumice desert. 

We climbed the mountain up over 7,000 feet. To Cathy’s delight, she got to see Crater Lake!  The deep blue lake is incredibly beautiful. 

We followed the rim road and left the park at the Klamath Basin. This is a beautiful stretch of farmland surrounded by mountains. 

As we were about to decend the mountain, we spotted this regal fellow. 

At the bottom of the mountain the Klamath Lake awaited us.  The end of our day. Tomorrow we go home. It’s always a bittersweet evening. We will spend it talking about our favorite moments. 


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