Day 5 – Red Lodge to Missoula

North and east of Red Lodge is mostly hay and alfalfa country and the road meanders between rolling hills along with a few straight sections.



It was windy today but I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised.  There’s a new agricultural product in town – wind farms.


Lunch was at the Corner Stone deli in White Sulfur Springs.  Good food but seemingly not much commerce or funds for public safety services.


This is just one of many barns along the way.  Cathy’s barn blog is next…


Almost to Missoula following the Clark Fork River. 


Dinner was pizza at Mackenzie River Pizza.  Outside was this bear sculpture of various iron and steel bits and pieces.


We finished the evening off with a walk through a nature trail near the Cmon Inn and snapped this picture of a wild rose bush next to the creek.  Tomorrow we’re off to Lostine and a visit with Chris and Christina Geyer.



1 thought on “Day 5 – Red Lodge to Missoula

  1. I am seeing a lot of planning for this trip to be able to traverse these long distances and still have time to sightsee and visit friends.
    Your pictures are great. I especially like seeing the blueness of the sky accentuated by white clouds.
    That bear statue (I guess) reminds me of similar statues all over Seattle a decade ago of pigs.
    Happy trails to you.

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