Days 6 and 7 – Four States; Wind, Rain, etc.

We had no wireless connection last night so we’ll catch up tonight.  We traveled through four states yesterday… Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  We followed the Lochsa River out of Missoula for miles and miles. A beautiful ride.


There were many little towns along the way, each with character. Below is a little church in Kooskia, Idaho.  This is in Nez Perz territory. 


Much of the ride was through farmland weaved between creeks, rivers and train tracks. Below is a historic train trestle.


This stunning yellow crop was hard not to photograph.  Cathy took many pics of this. Now we need to find out what the crop is.


Then we began to climb and climb.  If you look closely, you can see a road in this picture that is known as Rattlesnake Pass.


We entered Oregon and were greeted by Mt. Joseph.


We arrived at our friends Chris and Christina’s home in Lostine, Oregon.  A beautiful area.  They took us on a tour of Wallowa County and out to Wallowa Lake. 


We had dinner at Tom’s favorite restaurant, Terminal Gravity in Enterprise.  On the road back to their house, we passed their local Elk herd.  Many babies. So cute!



Now to today.  It rained so we were bundled up in our rain gear over so many layers that it was hard to move. We stayed dry and that’s what was important. Unfortunately not many pictures. Below is the town of Prineville taken from an overlook.


The weather should be better tomorrow so hopefully we’ll have pictures to share. In the meantime, another one of Cathy’s many barn pictures.



1 thought on “Days 6 and 7 – Four States; Wind, Rain, etc.

  1. You have been fortunate to have encountered rain only once so far.

    There are a few possibilities for the yellow field. Linda and I came across many fields of yellow while traveling through the British countryside that was linseed rape. (I believe that it is produced for its oil content,) We have seen fields of yellow in California too, but I believe that those files are just wild flowers.


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