We switched out two marginally good tires for brand new ones.  The old ones were okay but wouldn’t make the 3,000 mile journey. Now, we’re riding on silk!

And, we’re packing. It’s amazing that all this will fit on the bike, minus the couch and coffee table, of course!

You’ll notice some drawers and cabinet doors in this photo. That is Tom’s next project – a bathroom remodel. It is anxiously awaiting Tom’s return and Cathy is also anxiously awaiting the project’s completion.

 It looks like it will be more hot than cold so we are leaving the heated gear at home and packing our cooling vests. We’ll most likely encounter rain in Canada but hopefully it won’t inhibit the vistas.  We are planning an early start on Tuesday in order to beat the heat. Tom is looking forward to lunch in Alturas at his usual burger place. This breaks all our rules of light meals during the day, which causes drowsiness.  But it’s tradition. The nap following has also become tradition.  

Here we are in the midst of packing.  We’re traveling a bit lighter this year so, hopefully, we can bring back a souvenir or two. 

Early night tonight and an espresso in the morning!



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