Day One – Getting There

Our first day is always the longest. We just want to get as close to our final destination as possible. We left Roseville at 6:30am and it was a good thing we did because we rolled into Burns at 6:30pm!

There were many road construction delays but that’s okay – the new roads were nice and smooth. We journeyed along the Feather River. We stopped in Belden Town for a break.We stopped for gas in Susanville and met a couple from Oregon who were riding the same bike we are. They were on their way home from the Grand Canyon. We spoke to them for quite a while before continuing on and it’s a good thing we did… We came upon a motorcyclist who had just hit a deer. It could have been us. Their bike was a mess but it didn’t look like anyone was seriously injured besides the deer who did not survive.  They had lots of help so we continued on, being very watchful for animals. We stopped at Harold’s in Alturas for lunch and as predicted, we became drowsy. A Spark drink and short rest did the trick.

The ride between there and Burns is nothing but sage brush and lots of bugs. Not very interesting but beautiful in its own way.
Tomorrow we head to Idaho!  Until then…


2 thoughts on “Day One – Getting There

  1. Love your photos and commentary! I feel like I’m riding along with you!


  2. Looks like a great start. Ride safe


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