Day Two – History Lesson on Wheels

We left Burns around 8am to a beautiful and comfortable morning. Much of the first half of the day was the same as the end of yesterday … Sage brush, wind and bugs.  No complaints, though.  It was a great way to start the day. 

We passed the 45th parallel; half way between the Equator and the North Pole!  Cathy tried to get a picture of the sign but then noticed that a bug hit her lens. We’re trying to get the mark off but so far, no luck. We will have to depend on Tom’s camera and the GoPro. 

We briefly followed part of the Oregon Trail and followed the Malhuer River (a tributary of the Snake River). We then headed north into Idaho. Most of the route was on Highway 95, a must-see if in this area. Really beautiful are the farms up near Grangeville where there are fields of soft winter wheat, barley, and spring canola.  These were the best with acres of yellow blooms. 

References to the Nez Perce Indians are all over this area.  We stopped at a historic location of the first battle of the Nez Perce war. It didn’t end well for the Cavalrymen that day but the Nez Perce ultimately paid the price. 

We rode alongside several rivers today.  The previously mentioned Malhuer, the Little Salmon, the Salmon, the Payette and the Clearwater.  Here in Lewiston, the Clearwater meets the Snake River.  

Tomorrow we enter Canada. We’re headed to Radium Hot Springs, BC. We may encounter rain but we are prepared for it. Until then, enjoy some more pics from today!


3 thoughts on “Day Two – History Lesson on Wheels

  1. Love e Imelda of vibrant yello!


    1. That was supposed to read: love the field of vibrant yellow!

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  2. wow! looks like the ultimate road trip! wide open spaces
    (Tom-like the new look)


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