Day Five – Chillin’

So today was about chillin’ – morning through evening.  We decided to take our time this morning and enjoy a hot cup of room-brewed coffee. After one sip, we both said enough. It was terrible. We decided to get gas, put air in the tires and then stop for breakfast in a half hour or so.  After three attempts at various restaurants, we settled for a muffin and cup of coffee at a lodge cafeteria. Apparently, you can’t have breakfast or lunch at park restaurants on weekends because they only open to tour groups. Which also means the roads are full of tour buses loaded with people speaking multiple languages and all carrying selfie sticks to get perfect photo of themselves in front of a glacier!  Ugh. 

Once fortified (kind of), we set off in a constant rain and were both getting wet, chilled and hangry.  Even still, we loved the ride. We saw another wolf, big horn sheep and this guy.

The scenery was again, jaw dropping.

We pulled into Golden, BC early so we decided to have a proper lunch. We then took a walk to a covered foot bridge that spanned the Kicking Horse River. 

We checked in to our B&B owned by a young couple with a six month old smiling baby boy named Reef. Such a cutie. We enjoyed a glass of wine on the patio and are planning on hitting the hay early tonight. Just chillin’ tonight. Tomorrow we are back in the good ‘ol USA. Destination – Omak, Washington. Sounds exciting, huh?  We are a little sorry to leave this beautiful country but know that we will come back and spend even more time enjoying this amazing place. 


3 thoughts on “Day Five – Chillin’

  1. Such a contrast of landscape!!!


  2. Could you change your mind and stay in Canada?


    1. If I didn’t have to go back to work – Yes!


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