Day Six – Southbound

Bed and Breakfast inns are always fun around the breakfast table. There were two other couples – one from Toronto and one from Paris. Our hostess Kat, was from the UK so the conversations ranged from the Brexit vote to the Presidential election in the US.  Very stimulating way to start the day. And as Kat said, “It’s a glorious day!” The temperature was nice enough for us to pack the liners and travel in only a few layers.  We said goodbye to the Canyon Ridge Lodge and started heading west. 

We followed the Kicking Horse River and rose up into an alpine forest lined with pines and aspens. This must be beautiful in the fall.
After a big breakfast, we needed to stop for doubleshot espressos in the cute town of Revelstoke. Great name.

We turned south in Enderby and then took BC highway 33 at Kelowna. This was a great ride with lots of bikes!

Soon we began to see sagebrush. No more beautiful, lush forests (we will be back)!  We stopped for a rest before we decended into Osoyoos.  Take a good look at this picture …the rest of the deer was nowhere to be found so we continued on to the next leg of journey. At least we don’t have to hoof it. (We’re cracking ourselves up.)

The rest of the ride was through farmland, vineyards, orchards and yes…sagebrush from the border to Omak. 

We expect tomorrow’s ride to be warm and fairly boring. More high desert. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!


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