Day 1 – Tumble Dry – High Heat

As you can see, we left Roseville at around 7am.  Fueled up and ready to go.  

Cathy waved goodbye to her co-workers as we drove past her office.

We enjoyed seeing the sun rise through the trees at our first stop on Hwy 32 between Chico and Chester.  It was a comfortable morning but we began shedding layers at this point.  

We encountered several road construction delays that added an hour to our day.

It was a beautiful road that followed Deer Creek for several miles.

Then we rode along Lake Almanor.  Gorgeous.

That’s Mt. Lassen peaking above those hills.  

And that’s Mt. Shasta – still full of snow on its east side.

After a stop in Alturas for a fattening lunch and one and a half Sparks (thank you Charlotte), we encountered high heat and strong winds.  We were in high desert at this point and the landscape is pretty interesting.  Above is Albert Rim.  The colors are vivid and many of the boulders are covered with rust indicating high iron content.  There are mountain goats on the rim but we did not see any this time.

This is Lake Albert.  We also picked up a hitchhiker at this point – the bug splat on the lens.  He is with us for the remainder of the day.  Lake Albert is an alkaline lake so there were lots of shore birds enjoying something briny. 

This is how you make a fence post when you don’t have a lot of wood but have lots of rocks.

With an hour and a half until we reached Burns, we decided to stop and wet our cooling vests at this rest stop.  Unfortunately the  water was turned off so Tom opted for a nap.  It was about 97 degrees at this point and the wind was so strong that Cathy felt like delicate laundry that someone had put in the high heat dryer cycle.  We hydrated a bit and pushed on through the windy desert.

This was what the hour and a half to Burns looked like… literally this for miles.  This is in front of us.

This is behind us… lots of sage brush. 

Tomorrow we head to Challis, Idaho in the Sawtooth National Forest.  It will be a much shorter day so we will enjoy sleeping in a bit. 

Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic!


3 thoughts on “Day 1 – Tumble Dry – High Heat

  1. Tim and Cathy, The Sawtooths are awesome! Enjoy!


  2. Great pictures. I admire you two for braving this day’s conditions. I expect it will get better.


  3. It looks like you’re off to a good start. Keep the “barn” pics coming. Ride safe


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