Day Two – Rivers and Canyons

We left Burns around 7:30 this morning.  It was a comfortable 72 degrees as we headed toward Ontario, OR.  

We passed through tranquil farmland with crops of alfalfa, corn, onions and oregano that smelled so good, it made us hungry.

We soon met the Malheur River on Hwy 20 and followed that for a bit.

​​​We entered Idaho and continued east on Hwy 52 where we met the Payette river.  It was starting to warm up to the low 90s and it was cloudy which made the air muggy.  

The Payette is fast moving with many forks. We followed the river for miles and miles through beautiful canyons and saw a bald eagle and several ospreys. 

At Horseshoe Bend we turned north on Hwy 55 for a short while that followed one of the forks of the Payette and saw several kayaks navigating the rapids.  This road was called the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway and was very twisty.  Hundreds of curves later, we reached the Sawtooth Mountains which are spectacular.  We could smell rain and see it in the distance.  We encountered some damp roads but nary a drop on us!

Sawtooth selfie with helmet hair (not Tom).

At Stanley,  we continued east on Hwy 75 and met the Salmon River.  Finally it turned north and brought us to Challis, Idaho.  

We met several other bikers along the way.  Tonight at dinner we met two guys who are on a six to eight week ride and have no formal plan.  They were from North Carolina and both retired – one an engineer and the other a psychologist.  They just decide where they want to go each day.  We were envious of their freedom.  Earlier we met two gentlemen from Atlanta and Tom met a Frenchman from Banff.

Tomorrow we head to Montana; one of our favorite states.  We have about 300 miles tomorrow and will end up in West Yellowstone.  We are hoping to see some wildlife.  Today we only saw raptors and a bunch of “Game Crossing” signs.  Fingers crossed.

And… Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic:

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