Day Three – Bobbing and Weaving to the Big Sky State

Today we headed northeast along the Salmon River on the Salmon River Scenic Byway.  We left at our usual 7:30, only we are in Idaho so it was really 8:30.  We downed some really bad, weak coffee from the hotel restaurant and headed out.  It was a comfortable morning. We started off through more beautiful farmland.Shadow selfie…Then we joined the river.  We saw several eagles and ospreys on the rock cliffs along the river.We stopped in the town of Salmon for a stretch and hydration.  We decided to wait until the next town to eat breakfast.  Big mistake!  It would be over 130 miles before we found a town with a restaurant.  The scenery was beautiful for a while.When we got to the high desert, we experienced very strong winds that bobbed our heads around for about an hour.  Annoying!  And, we were getting very hangry. We finally made it to Rexburg where we had a huge lunch.  Then it was north to Montana.We could see this rain storm over the west side of the Tetons.  Does anyone see a stuffed elephant?We started to climb in elevation and the landscape reminded Cathy of parts of Alaska she’d seen.  Soon we entered Montana.We rolled into West Yellowstone around 3:30pm.  We were tired so we took a nap before exploring the town.  Once rested and showered, we took a walk through the town which was full of activity and tourists. In fact, we heard more foreign languages than English.  We had our first proper meal with a delicious bottle of wine.  

Montana has an open carry policy…Tomorrow we will go through Yellowstone park and end up in Cody, Wyoming.  We want to spend some time going through the museum in Cody.  We’ve heard from many people that it is a must-see.  We will probably experience some rain tomorrow.  There is a thunder storm here right now which is cool to see out our hotel window.

Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic:


2 thoughts on “Day Three – Bobbing and Weaving to the Big Sky State

  1. Rough day for you.
    With some serious imagination, I see a little elephant to the left of ‘big daddy’
    I much prefer Tom’s ‘open carry’. I view open carry laws as a need to hang on to the ‘old west’ with its freedoms. I prefer Britain’s and other country’s law that make it difficult to own, let alone carry, a weapon.


  2. Great looking country! Cathy, I really enjoy your barn shots, Tom, those white legs are a good reason why the have an “open carry law”—hah hah.


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