Day Ten – Desert Deja Vu

Anxious to get home, we skipped the free breakfast at the motel, had a Spark and a protein bar and hit the road.  We said goodbye to beautiful downtown Ely.

We began the long, lonely journey into the desert.  Highway 50 is known as the loneliest highway in the US.  It’s true.  We drove miles and miles without seeing another car.  

The scenery rarely changed for over 200 miles but every now and then, something interesting would come into view like these wild horses.

We stopped in Austin for a light breakfast and an espresso.  Feeling recharged, we set out to more of the same.

The air was filled with smoke due to the California wildfires.

The temperature was beginning to reach the low 90s so we stopped in Fallon to wet our cooling vests.  After about another 50 more miles of desert, we finally began to enter our familiar Sierra Nevada mountains.

Although there was a lot of traffic, we enjoyed some cooler temperatures (80s) and beautiful views.  Eventually we started to make our way down to the hot Sacramento valley, but we were close to home.  As we turned onto our street, the temperature was 102.  Thank goodness we have the cooling vests.  They make a big difference in our comfort.  

We unloaded the bike and took this picture of our trip odometer.

So, 3,404 miles and nine states in ten days.  We saw some beautiful sights and met some interesting folks along the way.  We’ve already started to explore where we will go next year but for now, we’re happy to be home and snuggling with our puppy!  And, Cathy is grateful to have something besides this to look at:

Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic:


3 thoughts on “Day Ten – Desert Deja Vu

  1. That was an interesting description of traversing Nevada on Highway 50. Also, as I went through this day’s summary, I thought there would not be a barn picture. So, I was pleasantly surprised. Welcome home. Enjoy some rest.


  2. Welcome home….that’s some trip, great photos and blog. I enjoyed your adventure. Glad your home safe.


  3. It’s always interesting hearing about other peoples trips, what they pick up on, and what they think about when moving through the countryside.

    Great ride report and excellent photos.

    Oh and nice barns …. I’m sure there’s a story there…


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