Day Nine – Birthday in the Great Basin

It’s Tom’s birthday!  We got up early and hit the road by 8am in order to beat the incoming storms.  It was a good thing we did because Price received two inches of rain in 90 minutes today.  

We didn’t have high hopes for an interesting ride but we were wrong!  Just outside of Price, we began to climb into the surrounding mountains.

We then turned south at Mt. Pleasant toward Fairview and enjoyed some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen on this trip.

The birthday boy taking a stretch break.

Soon this beautiful ride was over and we descended into the Great Basin which is surrounded by high desert mountains and laced with salt flats. And it’s windy.

We entered Nevada and arrived in Ely around 2pm.  The birthday boy was tired so we took a nap.  After a good rest and a shower, we walked into Ely.  Not much here.  We decided to be very bad and have an ice cream cone before dinner.  We then found the one restaurant that wasn’t in a casino and therefore not full of smoke.  Not exactly the Ritz but it was an adequate birthday dinner.

Tomorrow we head home.  It will be a long day – about 430 miles and it is supposed to be very hot.  Our cooling vests are a lifesaver.  We are ready to be home and off the bike for a while.  

Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic:


6 thoughts on “Day Nine – Birthday in the Great Basin

  1. Love your daily posts and photos. Am in admiration of your endurance, especially your tolerance for less than quality coffee😍

  2. You’ve had a great trip as seen in all of your great photos. It makes me envious ! happy birthday Tom, glad you and Cathy will be home safe. Hey! what about next year?

  3. Some beautiful pictures!
    How do you take these ‘shadow’ pictures of the two of you on the bike, when neither one appears to be holding a camera up??
    I just read an article about The Pony Express. I wish I had mentioned that famous delivery system of a long-ago century, so you could have imagined riding along a similar route toward Sacramento. I don;t think they could match your last 430 miles in one day!

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