Day Four – Buffalo Breath

We  awoke early in anticipation of Yellowstone.  We were out of the hotel and on the road by 8:30.  Once inside the park we were immediately greeted with beauty.We passed by some fumaroles soon after we entered the park. The first wildlife we encountered were elk.We stoppped at Gibbon Falls.And then had to let this little friend cross the road.Yellowstone is fascinating with its geological formations.And the wildflowers were in full bloom.Then, we hit a Yellowstone traffic jam.  This was sketchy because they were in front of us, next to us and behind us.  We had no metal between us and them.  And they are huge.  At one point they were only a few feet away from us.We soon exited the park and jumped on the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway with more fantastic scenery and great roads.  We even encountered a little rain.

 We rolled into Cody around 2pm and stopped for a quick lunch, which turned into an interesting event.  We met Skye, a Vietnam vet from Ontario, Canada, widower, and general BSer.  He invited himself to join us and carried on all sides of the conversation.  Nice enough man but we were ready to get to that museum.  We rode a few blocks down and entered one of the best museums around.

It is a must-see!  We only had a few hours there but took in so much.  We checked in to our B&B.  The Roaming Cowboy.  This is what happens when a hoarder becomes an innkeeper.

The innkeeper gave us a great recommendation for dinner at an Italian restaurant.  While we waited for our 7:30 reservation, we went to the Silver Dollar Bar.  Tom was happy.Tomorrow we go to Little Bighorn and will wind up in Gillette, WY.  

Didn’t see a barn today so this will have to do as the “Barn of the Day” pic:


3 thoughts on “Day Four – Buffalo Breath

  1. Wow! can’t wait to visit Yellowstone, Christine and Munchi will be glued to the seats. Pictures are great! makes me want to jump in the suv now, hitch the trailer and head for another vacation. Just got back from four days at Vandenburg AFB, talk about open space!! with no one around, fantastic place, a area most people will never see. So much empty beach.


  2. You had a beautiful day in Yellowstone I see (through copious pics).


  3. Great photos and Yellowstone NP looks amazing.


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