Day Five – Pleasant Surprises

We knew we had a long day ahead of us so we set the goal of 8:00am departure time. We had a so-so breakfast at the B&B. No frills – scrambled eggs, sausage and a pre-formed hash brown.  We left Cody in a very comfortable 67 degreees and decided to take a route to Little Bighorn over the Bighorn Mountain pass.  We weren’t expecting much.

By the way… there is something up with the camera.  All the photos are washed out. We’re going to try some different settings tomorrow. 

We were amazed at the fantastic road that unfolded.  We rose up to over 9,000 feet in elevation and looked over the Bighorn Basin.

This was one of top roads we have been on. It was just beautiful and the gentle turns were a treat!

We soon descended into farm and ranch lands.

After the pleasant surprise of the morning’s ride, we made our way to the Little Bighorn Battlefield and veterans’ cemetery. 

This was a sad and sobering experience.  

At least the Native Americans who were fighting to remain on their land have been given their proper reverence.

Leaving the monument, we took back roads east and south to Gillette, where we are spending the night.  We traveled through a Cheyenne reservation and miles of hay and alfalfa fields. As we got closer to Gillette the industry turned more to coal and natural gas.  Pronghorn antelope were plentiful as were miles-long trains full of coal heading to a nearby power plant. It was more asphalt bliss for Tom with long, sweeping curves and almost no traffic. 

The bike is taking a beating.

We pulled into Gillette around 6pm. Tomorrow we go to South Dakota!  We’ll see Devil’s Tower and Mount Rushmore, as well as the Black Hills.  It will be a shorter day so hopefully we will have more time to take it all in.  

Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic:


3 thoughts on “Day Five – Pleasant Surprises

  1. It’s been a few years since I visited the site of the Little Bighorn. You helped me me recall the surrounding area and the impact of the battle site itself. Again thanks for sharing.


  2. Most of the blogs i see of people touring in the US on bikes are on large HDs. It’s nice to see people out touring on large Japanese sports tourer – which is more the norm in Australia.

    Great blog


    1. Yes, didn’t see too many FJRs or similar bikes. A few BMWs and Gold Wings and a whole bunch of HDs. Nice to still have some power up at 9,000 feet.


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