Day Six – Men in Black…Hills

We took a while to get going this morning knowing that we had fewer miles in the saddle. We left the hotel at 9:30am.  We passed a coal mine/power plant right outside of Gillette.

You have to love Wyoming speed limits!

And you never know what you’re going to see… maybe a plane on a stick!
The weather was perfect.  Not too hot as we saw our first glimpse of Devils Tower.  It’s so weird to have this rock appear out of nowhere.

We decided to stop at the KOA and have a cup of coffee and admire the giant rock.  

From there we headed southeast into the Black Hills National Forest.  Deadwood was our lunch stop.  This is a cute little town with a rich history.  In fact, it is where Wild Bill Hickock was murdered and the home of Calamity Jane.  We enjoyed a walk through the town and visitor center and had lunch outside at the site of an old gas station – now a restaurant.  

Mining built the town and after World War I, the mining industry diminished.  It is now a tourist destination with ski resorts and casinos.

After lunch we traveled deeper into the Black Hills.

Eventually we made it to Mt. Rushmore.

The human ingenuity to accomplish this feat is remarkable.  However, it is not as big as we thought it would be.  Still a site to behold.

Then we enjoyed more of the beautiful Black Hills as we made our way to Custer.

We took a short detour to view the work in progress of a Crazy Horse memorial, similar to Mt. Rushmore.  

Tonight we took a nice long walk into Custer for dinner and then stopped for ice cream on the way back.  Great relaxing day with nice roads and beautiful scenery.  Tomorrow will be a long day – about 400 miles.  We’ll end up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic:


2 thoughts on “Day Six – Men in Black…Hills

  1. The pictures look better today. What did you do?
    The sculpting into the rock was a difficult task. The artist did a bigger sculpture of Gen. Lee in Georgia. Perhaps you can take a road trip to see it next year. 🙂


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