Day Seven – High, Low, High

We headed south out of Custer early this morning.  We had a long day ahead of us.  The sky was beautiful as we traveled through the last of the Black Hills on this trip.

We understood why they were called the Black Hills when we looked back at them as we descended back into high desert.

The landscape soon changed into meadow and then high desert.  Cathy hit the wall today and was struggling to stay awake. Falling asleep would not end well so despite the boring landscape, she tried to take some interesting photos.As we re-entered Wyoming, the high desert went on and on and was a bit tedious, but the pastel pinks and greens are really beautiful.  In some places, even the road is pink.  Great place to film a western.

The wind tired us both and we stopped often.  It was 97 degrees in Laramie so we stopped to rehydrate and wet our cooling vests.  The bike is a mess.

After Laramie we headed for Colorado.  We began climbing in elevation and the scenery became more interesting.

We stopped in Walden for a light lunch.

The sky began to fill with clouds so we hit the road again, trying to beat the rain before we got to Steamboat Springs.

Thankfully we turned before heading into the heavy rain. We got a few sprinkles as we pulled into Steamboat Springs.  Our motel is very nice and the innkeepers were helpful in choosing a great dinner spot.  We ate at a restaurant right on the Yampa River.  The food was delicious and the view spectacular.

As we walked back to the Nordic Lodge, it began to sprinkle again.  The town looks so pretty at night.

Tomorrow we head to Utah and the weather there now is stormy.  Fingers crossed…  

Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic:

And a bonus (not really a barn but a very cool building):


3 thoughts on “Day Seven – High, Low, High

  1. Hope you have time for plenty of rest before tomorrow.


  2. My one trip into Steamboat Springs was in a torrential rain. Me and my motorcycle buds were all throwing a great deal of gear into the dryers. I was soaked to the bone and very pleased to get into our hotel.


  3. Tom and Cathy, your “butts” must be so tired from all the miles, but no better way to see such landscape. Ride safe


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