Day Eight – Desert to Deluge

The Nordic Inn was great.  Clean, comfortable and offered the best cup of coffee and breakfast we have had thus far.  We took off around 9am.  We passed some beautiful ranches along the outskirts of Steamboat.We hadn’t realized that Steamboat Springs is on the edge of the Rocky’s forested area. Within minutes of leaving Steamboat we were back in high desert.

The sky was beautiful and the temperature was a perfect 76 degrees.  As we rode along the sagebrush lined road, we noticed the thunderheads forming in the distance all around us.  

The surrounding mountains were so interesting with their colors and different rocks formations.  Dinosaur fossils have been found in this area so in addition to the Dinosour National Monument, the locals have embraced that theme as well.

Soon we entered Utah and the mountains were even more beautiful… and the clouds were becoming more ominous.

We stopped in Vernal for lunch and overheard some locals talking about flash floods the day before.  We saw flash flood warnings on the weather report due to monsoonal storms.  We weren’t sure of the area they were talking about.  It was here.  We decided to get back on the road and try to beat the incoming storm.

As we began to climb in elevation, the storm was getting closer.  Also our Zumo (navigation device) froze up.  Luckily, we knew where we were at this point.

We were seeing lightning ahead of us but soon we were in it – the hardest rain we’ve ever experienced while riding.  So strong that it hurt when it hit us.  And it was difficult to see.

Luckily it was only a few more miles to Price, Utah.  And, of course once we arrived, the rain stopped.  

Tomorrow we hope to beat the afternoon showers and get to Nevada’s dry, hot desert without arriving soggy.  

Cathy’s “Barn of the Day” pic:


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  1. Wow, what a difficult day for you!


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